Oh Jonathon!

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Just did the shopping. Or some of it, as the shop did not have everything.

I found it incredibly stressful, mostly because Ruby is anxious and does not want to leave me and Pearl is so depressed (or pre-teenish) and does not want to leave her room. So I could not leave Ruby with Pearl and instead she stayed in the car while I ran in and out of the shop to show her I was still present.

This is an extremely inefficient way to shop and this, combined with the utter crowding of the shop, really stressed me. The floor was covered with signs about distancing (and people crawling about on the floor installing them) but there were about five actual people for every floor spot for two people so that just made me angry.

Plans for my next trip to the shops. I will be taking gloves.

I will have to go to a bigger shop next time, so I will either have to winkle Pearl out of her room or leave Ruby in the front yard of a nearby friend who can observe her from within their locked house.

I also went to work where I had to do ten minutes work on my computer (since I can't access all of it at home). Wound up getting a coworker to stand next to my car in the car park, talking-to Ruby through the window while I ran upstairs.

I am finding work extremely hard atm. Also life. Life is hard. For all of us.
Oh Jonathon!


n 1997 I was working at Griffith University which was situated in beautiful bush land. Unfortunately, there was a bush fire. Which was put out by the freak hail storm. The heavy hail storm blew a hole in the roof of the library and did other damage around campus and to my house. Then the hailstones melted and caused a flood. Which made the animals flee the bush and charge into the university rooms. Like the cute possums and also the many, many snakes were just roaming the corridors.

So that was one four hour period of my life that was quite hectic.

2020 has felt like that four hour period, only continuing for month after month.
Oh Jonathon!


I have decided what I will re-read in light of the current situation… the bit in Little House on the Prairie where they all go down with a fever and their neighbours rally around and help them out.

I think that’s quite a positive message.
Oh Jonathon!


Work: The project I am working on is moving with (for Government) astonishing speed. Am amazed and feel that I am running with scissors.

Children: School started successfully. Expectations exceeded (expectations were low).

Health: Have had a minimum of three medical appointments per week for the kids over the last month. Next week – five in a four day period.
Oh Jonathon!


Moving slightly closer to my home has meant a 100-150 kilometre reduction in my weekly commute. This is amazing and excellent.

(Sadly, the timing with Pearl moving to high school means a no savings in terms of time, despite travelling significantly less. Still working on a better way to organise the beginnings of our days.)