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February 15th, 2018

04:34 pm
Can anyone recommend a good and cheap plumber?

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February 12th, 2018

05:45 pm - real estate
Has there been a single aspect of the real estate process that Purple Bricks has handled professionally?

I think not. Currently their finance department is having conniption fits and keeps sending me invoices for the payment I have already made. I send them the records of payment and they freak out again and send me another invoice. I have reached the point where I just referred them straight to the settlement agent because I cannot spend any longer on a company that is so incompetent that it cannot even take money in properly.

My strong advice: Do not use Purple Bricks.

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February 8th, 2018

06:47 pm - Thanks
IDIOT ALERT: I forgot to thank Margaret and Derek for all their help with storing and moving my stuff!

Obviously, me the idiot, not my helpful and long suffering friends.

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February 7th, 2018

07:12 am - Those rotters
I have not complained about Purple Brick for some time. I have been too busy moving and – to be fair to them – the old house was sold to someone they brought through. However, I would note that they produced a buyer after I began writing about my experiences of their incompetence.

If they thought that finally being unshackled from them would shut me up, they little know how much I hold a grudge. My intention is to air every grievance.

Now, I recall writing about how they advertised a home open without putting up the address and then the next week advertised another one with the address but without the time. So, that brings me to… the sign. The thing that goes in the front garden to let people know there is a house for sale within. Pretty standard.

Unless you are Purple Bricks in which case the sign is produced 10 days late. Also, it did not actually say which unit was for sale (so buyers could not tell which one of the 30 townhouses to approach). I remedied this by writing on it by hand with a permanent marker. Also, it featured unauthorised text describing it as ‘a fixer upper’ which is a pretty disheartening way of luring the public in. My own suggestion had been ‘close to town, close to public transport’ which I think is a better pitch.

My strong recommendation: Do not use Purple Bricks.

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February 6th, 2018

08:38 pm - Thanks
We are mostly moved in now, with only a little further unpacking to do.

My thanks to Dave and Karen and Steph for the many boxes they gave me (soon to be on-gifted to a family friend who is moving).

And to Bec for cleaning the most disgusting stuff under my fridge.

To Rosalie, Gina, Kris, Lai Yee, my parents, Fe and her kids, my kids, and the random passing child who helped out – for moving innumerable boxes, mostly of books.

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February 2nd, 2018

06:47 pm - January Books
Oh my goodness, this must be the smallest total in virtually all my life.

Georgette Heyer Why Shoot a Butler? 1933

Georgette Heyer They Found Him Dead 1937

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02:32 pm - phone
To my amazement, we appear to have both a new landline and internet connection. I would never have believed it. Kudos to Telstra and Iinet.

(Though Telstra are operating at much more typical speeds for my parents – they have managed to repair one of their two phone lines after a mere six days wait, several hours on the phone and two home visits).

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January 22nd, 2018

07:14 pm - stuff
Farewell, dear internet. I cannot wait to have access to you again.

Things that happened today: MRI for Ruby; Ruby stood on a bee; six hours after beginning the process I am still thawing the freezer.

Things that happen tomorrow: packing stuff up, cleaning the house.

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12:43 pm - Achievement!
The hardest part of the week is over. Ruby had her MRI and she was so good - she stayed still for the whole thing. Not a single test had to be redone.

What a great kid.

Now, on to moving house...
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January 20th, 2018

12:53 pm - contact
We will be moving next week. The sad state of Australian telecommunications means we will be inaccessible by most means for some time.

Once I have a new phone number and can read emails etc, I will let people know.

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