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August 18th, 2018

11:14 am - Boasting
Ruby raised $46.85 for the RSPCA with a competition to count how many lollies were in the jars at her school.

This was part of her Promise Badge for service to the community at Joeys.

I am very proud of her efforts.

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July 29th, 2018

11:42 am - 3 Things
1, Nearly, nearly ready for my leave. I did have a holiday in April but still had to feed, clothe and supervise children, merely in more difficult circumstances. Really looking forward to this holiday.
2, Mr Gold is looking like 90% recovered after I spent an hour cleaning his tank last week.
3, Have been given another parsley plant. I keep forgetting to eat it myself, but the guinea pigs do enjoy it.

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July 26th, 2018

05:43 pm - life - 3 things
It is quite difficult to see through the thick clouds of despair, so I should focus on the things that are bright and shiny.

1, My sister is coming for a visit from the UK for the first time in five years!
2, I am taking a week off work – I cannot say how much I am looking forward to it.
3, The carrots we planted appear to be growing. I dug one up but it was a mere hair – how long do they take to turn into something edible?

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June 27th, 2018

06:24 pm - The Sound of Music
Things I like about *The Sound of Music*:

* The image of Gretl hanging on for grim life on the back of the bicycle as they ride through Austria. It reminds me of Gimli’s expression as he hangs on to Legolas as they ride through a totally different set of hills.
* The extreme sexiness of the Captain accidentally calling Maria ‘Captain’ because he thinks of her as his equal. Note how Lois McMaster Bujold ran with that.
* The astonishing sexiness of Austrian folk dancing. Not your first association with it.
* I find ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria’ more and more annoying, the older I get. What is the problem with her? Could it be that the problem is with your rigidity, not her flexibility?

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June 13th, 2018

07:47 pm
I saw *Solo* on the weekend and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would.

There is always a lack of suspense in prequels because you know that the major characters must survive, but it was really well put together. I liked all the acting, and the background on Coruscant was suitably grim. (Perhaps Obi Wan chose Tatooine as the nicest planet in the galaxy at that time).

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June 1st, 2018

05:45 pm - May books
Christina Rossetti Goblin Market and Other Poems 1859
Robert J MacKenzie Setting Limits with your Strong Willed Child 2001
Laura Gowing Common Bodies: Women, Touch and Power in Seventeenth-Century England 2003
Alison Lurie Boys and Girls Forever: Children's Classicsl from Cinderella to Harry Potter 2003
Daphne du Maurier Rebecca 1938
Somerset Studio 2004
Anthony Hobson JW Waterhouse 1989
RJ Barrow Lawrenee Alma-Tadema 2001
Lynn Flewelling The Oracle's Queen 2006
Lois McMaster Bujold Memory 1998
Michelle Cooper The FitzOsbornes at War 2012
Someset Studio Gsllery 2010
Sybil Burr Life with Lisa 1958
Herstoria 2000
Jane Austen Northanger Abbey 1818
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May 27th, 2018

04:27 pm - Dr Who
Dr Who themed ten year old's birthday.

Timey whimey jelly. Tic toc biscuits. Jelly babies. And a dalek pinata.
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May 22nd, 2018

07:43 pm - House + Power
Note to self: solar power still not recording on the bill. Am assured it will be recorded by the next bill and that there will be a huge backlog of credit owed. Fingers crossed.

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May 14th, 2018

06:57 pm - Purple Bricks
My final set of complaints about Purple Bricks follows…..

I feel like their contract is misleading. Perhaps it is just me but I was surprised that I had entered into two contracts with them when I had thought I had signed only one document.

I read the contract with PB in detail, amended it and signed it. Then I clicked a button on their website to postpone payment til the end of the process – and clicking on this button automatically entered me into an entirely different contract.

Contract one – their services for 3 months. Contract two – their services for 12 months and automatic payment regardless of whether the property sold. This information was on page 12 of a 14 page document that did not automatically appear but was sent to me after ‘signing’.

I should, of course, have read the documentation attached to the click here button (my fault) but I did assume it was just a continuation of the contract with Purple Bricks that I was in the midst of processing. It was like a SURPRISE contract!

It all ended adequately after six months of enormous stress, but it was so very dodgy.

My strong recommendation: Do not use Purple Bricks.

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May 13th, 2018

07:16 pm - Purple Bricks
The major way Purple Brick advertises itself is by saying that you pay nothing until the property sells and you pay a set fee rather than a percentage of the value of your property.

What they do not highlight is that you pay the set fee regardless of whether your property sells. Regardless of how much work they do. This is not a situation that encourages the real estate agents to do their best.

My strong recommendation: Do not use Purple Bricks.

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