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September 18th, 2019

02:00 pm - house broken into
A few people have asked whether they could help. Most of the stuff I need to do can only be done by me - Police, insurance, getting more Ritalin for Pearl.

But it would be really helpful if anyone has any photos of me wearing the jewellery that was stolen. If any of you have photos from my 21st, 30th, 40th, Swancon or whatever that show some of my jewellery, that would be really helpful. I have photos of course but the prospect of going through them all is a drama.

I am looking for photos of:

* my gold Christening bracelet that says Emma.
* Pearl's silver Christening bracelet with her name on it (but not Ruby's which was in her room).
* the pearl necklace and earrings that belonged to my Grandmother and that I got for my 18th.
* the Edwardian moonstone set I got for my 21st.
* cubic zerconia on a silver chain for my 15th from my maternal grandma.
* Pearl's amber necklace.
* the tiny diamond ring my paternal grandmother gave me.
* the little opal necklaces the kids got from my Mum.

If anyone has some that would be great. Really regretting that I did not take separate photos.

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September 7th, 2019

06:49 pm - threatened species
We took in record amounts at the Threatened Species party! I have made the donations to WWRF for pandas and Save the Bilbies, and will take the cash in to Perth Zoo for the frogs (hopefully tomorrow or next weekend).

Pandas - $32,15

Frogs - $80.20

Bilbies - $40.50

Thank you all very much.

Also, how nice was it to have so many guests!

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September 5th, 2019

07:51 pm - handmaid's tale
I am so pleased that the season three finale of *A Handmaid’s Tale* did not involve the death of any children. Spoilers.

My fear was that the plane would be shot down.

I noticed that all the kids on the plane were incredibly obedient, quiet and willing to follow their Marthas. I can only assume that the children in Gilead with ADHD or who are oppositional or curious have by now either been killed or have been beaten into submission. The message to comply would, after all, be reinforced every time they walked past a corpse dangling from a lamp post.

Were most of the children on the plane girls? I could only spot a few boys and I wondered if this was because:

1, there is some sex-related aspect to the ongoing fertility crisis, with fewer boys born.

2, the boys are off at mini-Commander training lessons and so were not available to be rescued.

3, the boys have been trained in misogyny and would not have followed their Marthas.

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August 27th, 2019

07:30 pm - marvel
Between one thing and another, my life is quite busy and stressful atm.

Do you know what I want to read? Fanfic about the blip in the Marvel Universe. Please send me recommendations.

I want to know what happened when they put people back. I want to know about people discovering that their partners had remarried and they now have step-kids. I want to know about the housing market collapsing because 50% of the population is gone. I want to know about the terrible psychological scars that the survivors carry.

Please send me recs.

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August 24th, 2019

12:54 pm - An American in Paris
Breaking news: I rewatched *An American in Paris* for the first time since I was a teenager.

My opinion is unchanged - bloated and ruined by Gene Kelly being allowed to do whatever he wanted. Basically, it's *Star Wars I to III* but with dancing.

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August 20th, 2019

06:27 pm
I am looking for an agency to do psychometric studies of a child.

I have her name down at several places but the wait list is always at least 12 months. At the same time I can pay less than $1000, preferably significantly less, so places like Patches are out. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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July 29th, 2019

05:32 pm - NDIS
Can anyone recommend a NDIS registered program for social skills (and maybe eating) for an 11 year old? I found some online that look lovely but are so far away. Somewhere near us would make it more viable.

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July 27th, 2019

09:03 am - daily life
Have made the strategic error of looking at the gap between what I pay into my mortgage and how much that has reduced it.

Le sigh.

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July 19th, 2019

05:37 pm - Caroline Norton, The Separation of Mother and Child by the Law of 'Custody of Infants' Considered, 1
Caroline Norton, The Separation of Mother and Child by the Law of 'Custody of Infants' Considered, 1838

This little pamphlet was produced to encourage the passing of legislation to allow women to have access to their children in the event of separation from the father. Under the law that existed until the time of this debate, women who were separated from their husbands had no right to visit the children if their husbands did not agree. The father had sole custody and could make decisions about whether the mother was allowed to even see the child.

This is what happened to Caroline Norton. She was a dashing young woman, a wit, a poet and a penniless grand-daughter of Sheridan. She married a guy who turned out to be a drip, and was named as possibly having a liaison with Lord Melbourne, the Prime Minister. After a very public court case, it was found that there was no evidence of her wrong-doing. Nonetheless her husband cast her out without a penny and then denied her access to her children for the remainder of their childhoods.

Married women were subsumed into their husband’s identities. Married women could not own property, control money they earned, enter into contracts, go to the courts in civil cases or have custody of children. They were subject to coverture, literally ‘covered’ by their husband’s legal identity. In Caroline Norton’s case this meant that her husband had no obligation to support her but that anything she earned was legally his property. She left the house and came back to find the doors barred against her – from then on she spent only hours with her children (all aged under ten) until the two who survived to adulthood returned to her company.

I’d like to say her story had a happy ending. It almost did – After her husband finally died she remarried, but then died 14 weeks later.

However, she did produce a large quantity of popular Victorian poetry and a few leaflets dealing with the pivotal issue of her life – access to children. I am happy to say that changes to the law were made in 1839 that allowed contact between mothers and children. This was part of the gradual disentangling of married women from their husbands in the 19th century, with later acts vastly improving the status of married women.

As she wrote in this snappy pamphlet, the key issue was ‘the general feature of all the laws respecting women (namely, the non-admission of their separate legal existence when married)’. Her husband was a magistrate (a job she got for him through her connections and that he did not give up despite it being the gift of Melbourne) but not capable of batting in this league.

Norton was careful not to claim too much or to personalise the debate. Indeed, the pamphlet was originally released anonymously. She kowtowed appropriately to the rule of the fathers. ‘Doubtless the claim of a father is sacred and indisputable…’

You can feel the but coming; she continued: ‘ but when the mother's claim clashes with it, surely something should be accorded to her. There are other laws besides those in made by men —what says the holier law, the law of nature?

Does nature say that the woman, who endures for nearly a year a tedious suffering, ending in an agony which perils her life, has no claim to the children she bears ? Does nature say that the woman, who after that year of suffering is over provides from her own bosom the nourishment which preserves the very existence of her offspring, has no claim to the children she has nursed? Does nature say that the woman who has watched patiently through the very many feverish and anxious nights which occur even in the healthiest infancy, has no claim to the children she has tended ?’

She follows up the pamphlet with an overview of the most relevant precedents, including a woman whose child was ‘’cruelly tak[en]… from the breast’ and fulminations against the men who wronged women.

Norton was a society beauty, who was immortalised as the figure of Justice in the Halls of the House of Lords The painter chose her specifically as a beautiful woman who had been wronged by the law.


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June 25th, 2019

05:26 pm - dutton
I feel disgruntled. What I wanted for Mother’s Day was a change of Government. What I got is Peter Dutton.

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