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What is the name for those pictures where you see either one thing or the other? The old woman or the goblets?

Gillard’s speech last week was like that.

It was either an unprincipled tirade from a villain, or it was the righteous wrath of a PM.

It either sealed her fate to be voted out, or it was a game changer that might get her voted in come the next election.

It was completely unjustified, or a long time coming.

It made her the laughing stock of the international press, or it went viral and gained her tremendous applause.

It was correctly interpreted by the mainstream media, or they totally missed the point.

It was about defending Slipper, or it was not about that at all.

It was a distraction from the real political issues, or it was a real political issue.

It misused the word misogynist because Abbott loves his daughters, or it correctly identified him as misogynist because despite his feelings for his daughters Abbott nonetheless is on record as supporting curtailing his daughters’ reproductive choices and suggesting that they are not fit for leadership positions.

It was a shrill tirade from a harridan, or it was a measured, hard hitting speech from a consummate politician.

It was a baseless attack, or it was an exercise in documenting Abbott’s words and actions and correctly labelling them as sexist.

It was an irrelevant, non-political charge to cover up her weakness, or it was an incredibly important political issue affecting the whole of society.

It was the latest attack by the handbag hit squad, or it was a demonstration the a society where such a concept is possible is massively sexist.

I know which side I am on.
Tags: social justice
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