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June 9th, 2019

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06:36 pm - Andromeda 2.8
Season 2.8 Home Fires

First aired 19 November 2001

Andromeda discovers a planet of Commonwealth survivors and descendants gathered together by Dylan's former fiancé after the Commonwealth fell, including the genetic reincarnation of Dylan's first officer Rhade, but when the election to rejoin the Commonwealth goes against Andromeda's crew, an apparent Magog attack raises several questions.

I like that this episode wraps up the last of Dylan’s links to his old life, his relationship with his fiancé. But once again the writers went hard on the Rhade/Dylan ship, going to the extent of reincarnating his former first officer.

Immediately after this Dylan abandons the idea of restoring the Commonwealth and just focuses on a defence pact, so it actually holds together quite well psychologically.

NB: The 18 month break in reviews was due to selling my house, moving house and various health issues for my kids and for me.

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