emma_in_oz (emma_in_oz) wrote,

Things I have determined about the thieves, after cleaning up after them:

1, They were professional enough to not leave fingerprints.

2, They were extremely systematic, opening virtually every box and going through every draw, and throwing every item on the floor.

3, They did not check my books at all.

4, Although they went through my drawers, they rejected the tickets to the ballet they found there.

5, They took the time to reject my Swancon 20 badge while taking literally every other item of jewellery I own(ed).

6, They had the follow through to take the keys, wait three days for the car to be returned, and overcome the (allegedly) altered immobilier.

7, They were petulant enough to spray Pearl’s room with soft drink and break her china.

8, They did not appear to value art/craft supplies as even relatively expensive items were left.

9, Very sensibly, they did not enter the festering mess that is Ruby’s room. She was entirely unburgled because it is impossible to walk across her room.

I find their profile har
Tags: daily life
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