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Dear Yuletide friend,

First of all, thanks for writing for me.

Overall, I am pretty open to almost anything. Maybe no deaths, or at least not pointless deaths. Apart from that, write as you want!

Billabong – I adore these books, and, given the tiny number of fics, almost anything you write would be great. I am a big fan of Wally/Norah but obviously any fic at all focussed on the bonds of friendship between all the characters. If you want to write some kind of fic that examines the period problematic racial/servant themes that would be even cooler.

Emily of New Moon – I would love any fic in this with the exception of Teddy/Emily because I find Teddy enraging. He seems to me to be as big a talent sucking machine as Dean, just more quiet about it. What I would really like would be the continuing adventures of Perry or Ilse; or backstory on Laura, Elizabeth and Jimmy; or backstory on Emily’s parents; or one of her ancestors; or anything really. Just not about Teddy, and something that takes Emily seriously as an artist.

Zombieland – I feel like you could write anything from comedy to angst ridden drama about this group of survivors. Whether you want to write gen, het, slash or some kind of poly relationship, all would be good. I would like to see them all being competent.

Hmmmm, having written this, I see that what I like most is to read about competent people doing things together.

Any other questions, let me know.

Tags: fannish, yuletide
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