Oh Jonathon!


Work: The project I am working on is moving with (for Government) astonishing speed. Am amazed and feel that I am running with scissors.

Children: School started successfully. Expectations exceeded (expectations were low).

Health: Have had a minimum of three medical appointments per week for the kids over the last month. Next week – five in a four day period.
Oh Jonathon!


Moving slightly closer to my home has meant a 100-150 kilometre reduction in my weekly commute. This is amazing and excellent.

(Sadly, the timing with Pearl moving to high school means a no savings in terms of time, despite travelling significantly less. Still working on a better way to organise the beginnings of our days.)
Oh Jonathon!

1968 in music

I listened to the top 10 for 1968 over these holidays.

I was surprised, so then I listened to the American and British Top 10s for 1968. They were a lot cooler than the Australian version.

America: The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding.

Britain: The Beatles, the Monkees, the Small Tops, Tom Jones.

Australia: Guess what was super popular? The Beatles, yes, and then the Irish Rovers. Who, you ask? Well they had a number one with the unicorn song. You remember, the novelty song about a unicorn who won’t get on Noah’s ark. Catchy but not exactly the cutting edge of cool. And also they hit number one later that year with the novelty song *The Orange and the Green*.


Now, I instantly recognised these songs – I am pretty sure my parents must have had the album. They’re good for a sing along, but also a sign that Australia in the 1960s was a cultural wasteland. It actually makes me wonder if there was some kind of protectionist tax on musical imports, because local talents like John Farnham also hit number one. With *Sadie the Cleaning Lady*.
Oh Jonathon!


Ruby has been accepted into the NDIS. Hooray!

I would say that this is very clearly a system that is set up to repel all boarders. The difficulties I have encountered would certainly deter anyone not in perfect health, full of energy, very determined, a native English speaker, highly literate, and a professional bureaucrat.

Even with these advantages I had to submit Pearl’s application twice and personally contact a lead paediatrician at the State child Development Centre (for confirmatory information) and visit the NDIS office in person. In Ruby’s case it took three applications and getting submission from her paediatrician, developmental paediatrician, OT and teacher.

Once I get through the next administrative step, I will be able to book her into the OT and physio that I hope will really help her.

The funniest aspect of being rejected was still the first one where they looked for (and were unable to find) records of a male person with Pearl’s date of birth and my name. They indignantly informed us that something was wrong.
Oh Jonathon!


I am looking for a Rudyard Kipling short story that I vaguely recall. Any advice would be good.

They are in a small cantonment, with a limited number of Anglo administrators. There's an affair and then everyone carries on awkwardly, all knowing the truth.

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
Oh Jonathon!


I am reading a biography of Churchill. In 1921 his pressing concerns were the Irish question and the British entanglement in Iraq. Plus ca change.
Oh Jonathon!


I was wondering what people were listening to in 1919, and the answer that Wikipedia gives is... lots of stuff I recognise.

Music my white bread family sings... Lots of stuff I remember my grandfather and mother singing. 'How we gonna keep them down on the farm, now that they've seen Paree', 'I'm forever blowing bubbles' and 'Don't dilly dally on the way'.

I have a terrible ear for music, but basically music hall stuff.

And then, surprisingly, music that is clearly related to popular music in 2019. I listened to 'I ain't gonna give nobody none of this jelly roll' and was like, hey, I recognise this. There's a link from this jazzy rag to jazz, to blues, to rock.

So I wondered if I could find the same thing prior to the war. I had a listen to Wiki's biggest hits of 1909 and the trend to syncopation had not begun.