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Emma - I live in Perth, Western Australia. I have come to love LJ as a way of talking with my RL and online friends and for airing my views:-)
15th century history, 16th century history, 19th century history, altered books, angel, anti-racism, art, aussiecon 4, australian fan funds, australian made toys, avon, baby, billabong series, blakes seven, books, books!!!, bruce_turner, buffy, c.s. lewis, children's literature, chocolate, connie willis, conventions, conversation, cordelia naismith, country music, craft, critical legal studies, dark angel, david hewlett's belly, deep space 9, domesday book, dorothy sayers, down under fan fund, dr bashir, due south, duff, eagle of the ninth, elim garak, elizabeth peters, emily bronte, emma, emma wodehouse, equality for all, family, fan funds, fandom, fantasy, fanzines, feminism, feminist mothering, femmecon, friends, gascoigns, george eliot, georgette heyer, gynaezine, harry potter, hypotonia, ice cream, in memoriam: ahh, invisible man, ivan vorpatril, jane austen, jane eyre, jeremiah, jericho, jonathan, justice, legal history, lois mcmaster bujold, lord of the rings, lynn flewelling, mansfield park, mary grant bruce, medieval history, middlemarch, miles vorkosigan, monk, movies, mr knightley, mr smith, musicals, naff, narnia, national australian fan fund, ncis, non plastic toys, non toxic toys, norah linton, pearl, plumptons, prb, pretty pictures, pride and prejudice, pro, project runway, queer theory, race, ramses emerson, rodney mckay, rosemary sutcliff, rubber stamping, samwise gamgee, science fiction, simeon solomon, slash, social justice, stargate atlantis, supernatural, swancon, tanya huff, tennyson, the brontes, the lone gunmen, the professionals, the wizard of oz, toys, travel, ugly betty, unisfa, vavasours, vila, wally meadows, waterhouse, worldcon, x files, zines

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